Data visualisation

In a world where we are data rich, but time poor, we need techniques to help us rapidly interpret and absorb data. In our industry, we are constantly faced with this challenge; we are experts in the design and development of data-driven visuals which can improve your stakeholders’ understanding of the data.

Software infographics

From Sankey diagrams and Sparklines, to simple line charts, our software tools utilise engaging techniques to communicate data. We know how to make data come alive and how to make engaging presentations to communicate the value of your product.

Design and illustration

Being faced with the task of communicating large dataset analysis to stakeholders can be daunting. We can take a dataset, interpret it, and present a summary with an accompanying graphical dashboard style interface. Our in-house design team work closely with our statisticians to transform a tabular dataset into an engaging visual.

Network meta-analysis (NMA)

Visually assimilating, exploring, and interpreting the distribution of covariate values across trials in an NMA is challenging due to the complexities of representing the network structure alongside study-level covariate values. A novel web-based interactive 3-dimensional (3-D) tool has been developed by our programmers and NMA specialists in collaboration with leading academics at The University of Leicester. This innovative tool is indicative of the work we can do to visualise data with a goal of quick, easy and accurate interpretation.

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