Value proposition development

At an early stage in the development of a new intervention, it is important to understand how the new product or technology will engage with the market it will enter. Where will it fit in? Who will pay for it? What qualities or claims does it need to have to gain favourable access?

At DRG Abacus, we have a range of consulting services aimed at helping companies develop a robust and effective value proposition to support their product – culminating in an impactful, strategic communication of the product value story. This global tool can be a road map for companies to build their value packs and ensure access is optimised at point of launch. Typically, our value propositions consider three main themes: what you should say about your product; what you can say; and what you want to say.

A value proposition is developed through the sequential collection and analysis of raw data, evidence, and evidence-based value messages. The value proposition may be defined as a coherent, focussed communication of evidence-based value messages which are aimed at effectively optimising market access and aligning with commercial objectives. It is a strategic, evidence and communication platform that effectively addresses the unmet needs of payers, decision makers and patients.

Purpose of a value proposition

  • Synchronise your evidence-based communication strategy
  • Help to focus your account teams/field force
  • Address the payer needs in order to drive change

At DRG Abacus, we have extensive experience in developing clear, concise, and impactful value propositions. Our team of medical writers are all educated to PhD level, and understand the importance of conveying both the clinical and economic value of your product in an easy-to-grasp manner.

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