Global value dossiers/Reimbursement dossiers

The global value dossier (or core value dossier) is an essential market access tool that succinctly presents the key evidence to communicate the value of your product.

Global value dossier

The global value dossier is a strategic document to convey the product value story. It draws together all the supporting data for your product or technology into a comprehensive offering, and serves as a resource for internal alignment and external communication. It allows the user to extract unique selling points specific to their market (clinical, safety, humanistic, economic, etc) for presentation to payers.

Good communication should be at the heart of every global value dossier – the end user needs to find the information they need easily and as quickly as possible. With this in mind, our global value dossiers use clear structuring, good flow and hyperlinking to facilitate ease-of-use – allowing the user to drill down to the information they need; from the value story, to the supporting evidence, to the source reference.

Reimbursement dossier

As companies try to keep abreast of global pricing and reimbursement challenges, the product ‘reimbursement dossier’ has become an essential market access tool.

A reimbursement dossier acts as a primary source of information for reimbursement negotiations and health technology assessment (HTA) submissions. It includes all the clinical and economic evidence requested by HTA regulatory bodies, at the required level of detail, written in a scientifically robust style. It is designed to facilitate easy transfer of information into HTA submission templates. Key value messages are integrated in the reimbursement dossier, in a way that is appropriate for HTA submissions. This allows market access teams to develop integrated global reimbursement strategies, and achieve maximum product uptake in their target markets.

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