Quantitative research

The Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) team at DRG Abacus are experienced in a number of quantitative methodologies to assist your Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) research and strategy. 

Finding out information from patients and other groups of interest (such as clinicians and caregivers) can be important to fully understand opinions and perspectives on diseases, and devices. To help collect this data, quantitative research can be undertaken, often in the form of surveys or questionnaires. In the DRG Abacus COA team we have vast experience of undertaking quantitative research with different groups, both via pen and paper surveys, and through online electronic data capture. Our team can manage the whole spectrum of quantitative research from survey design and data collection, through to analysis of the data.

Another aspect of quantitative research which the COA team can support our clients with is psychometric validation of PRO measures. This is an important step in ensuring that the PRO instrument used within any confirmatory trials are valid for use (in line with regulatory requirements). The COA team have experience in undertaking psychometric validation of new and existing measures; specifically, quantitative methods can support development of new PRO measures by addressing several questions relating to validity and reliability.

The COA team are also able to undertake other types of quantitative studies including discrete choice experiments (DCEs) to assess levels of patient preference and utility studies to obtain utility data for reimbursement of new products.

As well as traditional quantitative and qualitative methods, the COA team at DRG Abacus utilise mixed methods (using both types of research) during their COA research. Capturing both qualitative and quantitative data to better understand a concept can be helpful to disseminate the information to a variety of audiences. For example, the COA team at DRG Abacus often include a qualitative assessment of the minimally important difference of a measure in patient interviews to allow additional context and evidence to be provided to what is traditionally a quantitative task.

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