Qualitative research

DRG Abacus’ Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) team regularly conduct qualitative research throughout the drug development process to better understand how diseases and/or products affect patients and caregivers.

Our methods

The most common method for eliciting qualitative data undertaken by the COA team is through interviews with patients, caregivers, or clinicians, either in person, via telephone or using web-based software. We sometimes conduct focus groups (qualitative research with a group of participants) which can be more suitable for certain diseases and patient groups. However, we will work with you to select the best approach for data capture depending upon the population of interest, project requirements, timelines, and budget.

For identification of potentially suitable COA measures, and to inform endpoint selection in clinical trials, qualitative research is required to ensure the concept(s) captured are important to patients and their caregivers (where relevant). By not undertaking qualitative research in this early phase, it is difficult to understand whether the data being collected is relevant to the patient group.

DRG Abacus’ COA team can conduct qualitative research to help answer numerous product and trial related questions:

Phase I/II

  • Understand patient experience of their condition and treatments to gain a holistic understanding of a disease, condition or treatment from the patient perspective
  • Identify current unmet needs
  • Explore key measurement concepts of interest
  • Inform target product profile development and selection of clinical trial endpoints
  • Concept elicitation and cognitive debriefing interviews to support content validity of COAs or develop new COAs
  • Qualitative exploration of clinically important change for PRO/COA score interpretation

Phase III

  • Clinical trial exit interviews to better understand patient outcomes and experiences
  • Qualitative exploration of clinically important change for PRO/COA score interpretation

Phase IV/Post-marketing

  • Understand patient experience of their treatment and long term outcomes
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Understand product satisfaction
  • Explore patient preferences

At DRG Abacus we understand the importance of robust qualitative research to inform your PRO/COA strategy.

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