Our statisticians deploy their wealth of academic and commercial experience utilising the most commonly used statistical packages such as Stata, R, SPSS, and WinBUGS. They have extensive experience across a wide range of statistical techniques, such as methods of analysis of case-control and cohort studies, the analysis of 'big data', the application of complex modelling, simulation methods, and real world observational data.

Our statisticians work closely with our systematic review team and therefore have considerable expertise in conducting meta-analysis and network meta-analysis, which are well-established methods of evidence generation that are increasingly submitted as part of health technology assessments (HTAs).

We will also provide statistical training for clients when required to aid in the understanding of the issues and solutions raised. As part of their input into client projects, our statisticians are responsible for:

  • Developing statistical analysis plans
  • Developing statistical programming plans
  • Conducting statistical analyses
  • Preparing statistical reports   
  • Interpreting and communicating results to customers

It is essential that the outputs of analyses are communicated fully and appropriately to the chosen target audiences. As part of that process our statisticians will:

  • Present results at sponsor meetings
  • Prepare abstracts and manuscripts for publications
  • Review study proposals and publications

We are part of Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation.

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