Complex modelling/simulation modelling

The primary tools of health economic valuation in recent years have tended to be budget impact analysis and cost effectiveness/utility analyses models, which are predominantly built in Microsoft® Excel®. However, there is an increasing demand from our clients for more bespoke solutions required for tasks. These range from internal decision-making on research and development spending, to modelling the likely impact of new treatment algorithms in the delivery of healthcare, and in the optimisation of healthcare resource allocation.

At DRG Abacus, our dedicated Health Economics (HE) modelling team have extensive experience in the design, construction, data population, and testing of models. Our approach reflects the good practice guidelines laid out by International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and the demands of the major Health Technology Assessment (HTA) authorities. We are active involved with developing industry good practice to contribute to the generation and delivery of new modelling solutions.

DRG Abacus has been developing health economic models since 1995 and has a large team of expert modellers. As with our more ‘basic’ models, we manage all aspects of the model development process in-house, and are experienced in developing user-friendly models fit for the client’s needs. We focus on translating complex problems clearly and transparently, and our models are designed to be attractive, intuitive and accessible, regardless of their complexity.

Looking to the future for economic modelling

Our experienced modellers can work with you to decide on the correct approach to meeting your complex modelling needs. This could involve what modelling approach is best suited for the problem and the eventual users, through to the most appropriate software system to use. We are keenly aware that the particular audience for these models is crucial in these considerations (from internal research and design decision-makers, to purchasers of products or interventions). Our awareness is built upon the many years of experience that our modellers have across the healthcare industry from academic units, HTA assessment groups, consultancy, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Team members have practical experience with using a variety of software packages ranging from Microsoft® Excel® through to packages such as TreeAge and Simul8 to deliver solutions to modelling problems. Members of the team are involved in the development of new approaches in the complex modelling arena and take an active role in the modelling community.

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