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The analysis of ‘big data’ has become one of the hot topics in today’s world, and the analysis of real world evidence or real world data in the healthcare sector is no different. Recent advances in the collection and storage of data, software analysis, and techniques have meant that conventional data analysis is now much faster, and there are new possibilities available for answering healthcare questions and problems

For many years at DRG Abacus, we have carried out analysis of healthcare data to meet our clients' needs. We have extensive experience in the design, data extraction, analysis, and subsequent reporting of statistical analyses. Our approach reflects the good practice guidelines laid out by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and the demands of the major Health Technology Assessment (HTA) authorities.

The integration of Abacus International into the DRG family of companies has expanded our ability to access data in a timely and effective manner when carrying out projects for clients. In the United States (US), we have access to one of the largest healthcare data sets through our DRG Analytics sister company. This data set, which covers more than 90% of the US healthcare system with in excess of 300 million patients, puts DRG Abacus in a unique position to answer client queries.

In Europe we are continuing to establish links with an increasing number of data providers in the public and private sectors to gain access to their data resources. This new and improved access, combined with our many years of experience in the analysis of well-known European data sets such as the Clinical Practitioners Research Database (CPRD) in the UK, mean we are able to provide bespoke solutions for our clients’ real world evidence needs.

Experience turning data into evidence

Our experienced analysts can work with you to decide on the correct approach to meeting your complex evidence needs. This could involve what type of research project is best suited for the research question and advising the users through to the most appropriate database to use. Our economists have many years of experience across the healthcare industry from academic units, HTA assessment groups, consultancy, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Since the inception of our health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) organisation more than 20 years ago, some of our earliest published communications related to real world evidence analyses. These have been used by DRG Abacus to demonstrate real world evidence of disease burden (both economic and patient burden) and treatment practice, along with its unmet needs, benefits, and consequences. This then helps to understand and communicate research in a way that will support and enable strategic decision-making and assist in the necessary evolution of treatment pathways towards better patient outcomes. DRG Abacus staff have been actively involved in the area of real world evidence analysis both in their time with the company and in prior employment.

Every real world evidence project is a bespoke initiative bringing together members of our specialist teams from across DRG to ensure the client needs are best met. This spans from database extraction, through analysis of data, to generation of communication pieces by our specialist medical writing team.


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