BIMs (budget impact models)

Budget impact models (or BIMs as they are generally known) are one of the simplest, most commonly used economic models. The 20+ years of experience that DRG Abacus have in the health economics field have shown the importance of our rigorous, high-quality process of model conceptualisation, design, and execution in meeting clients’ needs.

We have built models for clients around the world with requirements ranging from models built for a single country, to those with the capacity to select data for different countries or indeed adaptions of a model from one country to another. These models have been built for a range of different purposes from reimbursement submission through to aiding discussions with end users of new interventions.

DRG Abacus has been developing health economic models since 1995 and has a large team of expert modellers. We are able to manage all aspects of the model development process in-house and are experienced in developing user-friendly models for use by clients. We focus on presenting arguments clearly and transparently; our models are designed to be attractive, intuitive, and accessible – regardless of their complexity.

Why use our models?

With experience gained over years of delivering client projects we have developed a series of proven procedures to deliver solutions to meet clients’ needs. For example, we use the proven DRG Abacus template in Microsoft® Excel® to rapidly turn the storyboarded concepts into a high-quality model. We always conform to the International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Best Practice Guidelines, with models undergoing an internal validation process using specialist modelling staff not involved previously in the project. However, we are also experienced with bringing trusted and experienced third-party modellers into projects to validate the internally generated models if required by client’s internal or external governance requirements.

Our models are built to be ‘future proof’ with the capacity to be readily adapted to alternative forms of presentation such as via an iPad application. Again, having a specialist design and programming team ensures the best practice conversions take place in a seamless manner. Further information on this is available here from our Digital tools and software pages.

Our Health Economists are a part of a specialist modelling team located across our four offices. The team have considerable experience gained in academia, consulting, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our passion for modelling is such that rather than simple non-functioning screenshots that most consultancies will show you, we have working examples of models for both the United States and European market to demonstrate exactly what is possible.

Please take the opportunity to invite one of our team to come and demonstrate our best practice models to you.


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