Posters and exhibitions

At DRG Abacus, the close collaboration between our in-house graphic design and medical writing teams means we have the unique ability to very quickly and efficiently develop your poster, ensuring it features robust scientific writing, enhanced by bespoke and impactful design work.

We understand the optimum balance between text and graphics to create a poster that is informative and easy to digest – ensuring that the key communication is conveyed in the few minutes a reader typically spends at a poster.

DRG Abacus has extensive experience developing a broad range of exhibition materials. From designing whole exhibition stands to writing and designing exhibitor printed materials (see our flashcards, leave pieces, brochures page), DRG Abacus have the expertise to help promote, with impact and flair, your technology and your brand to your target audience.

We are part of Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation.

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