Flashcards, Leave Pieces & Brochures

At DRG Abacus, our design department works hand-in-hand with our in-house team of PhD-qualified medical writers to create and develop effective content. This unique fusion of intelligent writing with agency-standard graphic design capability means we can offer our clients a broad range of bespoke, scientifically robust, printed materials.

DRG Abacus specialise in the development of printed communications such as flashcards, leave pieces, brochures, journal folders and more.

  • Flashcards are ideal for the communication of value messages or disease burden in a highly visual yet concise format, and are usually focused on a specific concept or theme. They can complement other communication materials such as PowerPoint presentations, or brochures.
  • Brochures are equally visual but are generally more detailed, or cover more concepts/themes. Brochures can be designed and styled to effectively and accurately convey your value messages.
  • Leave pieces cover an array of formats and are useful to provide decision-makers with a simple overview of the clinical, safety, and economic evidence supporting the use of your drug or technology.

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on the design expertise of DRG Abacus to help you develop impactful and highly visual printed materials that effectively communicate your technology and brand.

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