Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting services ensure healthcare manufacturers are prepared for global market access. A key element for a successful market access strategy is having robust, relevant, and timely evidence in place at the time of product launch. This involves advanced planning to ensure that the right health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is performed to meet the needs of your markets, customers, and patients.

We recognise that accounting for the increasing demands of new economic drivers, decision-makers, reimbursement models, and regulations is a considerable challenge to address as your product moves through development. In addition, as models of drug development change with earlier access to innovative medicines, especially in oncology, it is critical to understand the importance of strategic consulting in preparing a market access relevant, HEOR rich, research and design programme.

Experience-driven strategic consulting

Drug development is a costly and timely process and we understand the burden of having to measure and communicate the value of healthcare interventions to a wide range of stakeholders (regulators, clinicians, payers, patients, policy makers). Our knowledge of market access and HEOR requirements and the clinical context of the product will prepare you for the questions you will likely encounter along the development journey:

  • What are the key factors that will drive the definition of value in the market?
  • What reimbursement hurdles will need to be overcome?
  • What are the unmet needs of patients, clinicians, and payers, and how can these be addressed?
  • What criteria will decision-makers use and what evidence will be required to convince them?
  • What outcomes should be included in the development programme and what evidence needs to be collected outside of clinical trials?

Our strategic consulting helps you address these and many more critical questions so you can prepare and deliver your product’s market potential throughout the lifecycle of the brand. We will ensure your development plans provide you with robust, relevant, and timely evidence through the inclusion of appropriate HEOR activities. We provide strategic consulting to both global and local brand teams to ensure that the evidence generation and value communications activities are relevant with maximised return on investment.

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