UI/UX design

The user interface (UI) is the part of a software system that a user interacts with (for example, through buttons and menus), in order to make a change. Our software tools are designed by our in-house experts who have many years of experience in creating intuitive digital interface solutions across numerous platforms and devices. 

For example, user interfaces in budget impact model applications require a high degree of UI design consideration, as users typically have very limited time available to familiarise themselves with the platform.

User experience (UX) is the blending of design, software engineering, and a sound understanding of what the user group is likely to want to do. Interface elements must be positioned in the right place and at the right time so the experience of using the software is intuitive and predictable.

Typically, our approach to software design will involve regular reviews and consultation with your brand experts to design the solution correctly. We can use existing brand guides, or create a tone that is appropriate for your product based upon the context. We can also introduce user experience testing where appropriate, and have many years of experience listening to feedback in order to develop a sound understanding of what works well.

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