Payer decisions database

Documents released from regulatory bodies can contain pivotal data used to inform pricing as well as market access strategy. Gaining access to specific data points across multiple documents can be challenging and time-consuming.

Our systematic review team can carry out this analysis and present the results in a database that transforms the data into a user-friendly format.

This approach can be constructed around your research question and a database generated so that your stakeholders have key information at their fingertips.

Advantages of a database approach

  • Data is presented in a consistent, structured format, which allows for robust analysis
    • Custom views can help identify records of interest when searching
    • Charts and visuals can help show trends in the data
  • Centralising data provides users with access to a single up-to-date resource
  • Visuals can be leveraged to bring the data to life
  • Exports can facilitate custom review of data subsets

Key features


  • Search allows a user to filter the entire dataset by agreed filters displayed in a ‘filter option’ panel
  • Results will be displayed in either a paginated or scrolling list for review, with key fields visible to allow identification of individual records of interest
  • This list of records can also be exported into a Microsoft Excel format, for external analysis


  • The 'details view' displays one specific complete record
  • The record is divided into appropriate categories using tabs
  • This approach provides a quick, easy way to navigate to specific information
  • Users can export records into a Microsoft Word format, for analysis outside of the database

Charting and trends analysis

  • Key use cases can be identified, and charts or reports created that show results at a glance
  • Microsoft PowerPoint compatible versions of the graphics, or Microsoft Excel tables of the source data can be downloaded for use outside the database


  • With all the search/filter capabilities enabled, the user can select two records to compare
  • Presented side-by-side, the detail can be easily visualised and differences highlighted
  • The comparison of the two records can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for analysis outside of the database

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