iGVD (Interactive Global Value Dossier) Platform

iGVD transforms how you manage global value dossiers (GVD) or reimbursement dossiers, and allows you and your stakeholders easy access to current GVD content.

  The iGVD platform gives you complete control of your dossiers, and allows your stakeholders 24/7 secure access to the content. iGVD is fully featured and built specifically for managing GVDs or reimbursement dossiers so you can ensure users always have access to the latest approved material. iGVD allows you to:

  • Globally access and centrally manage your content
  • Create custom GVDs from your master GVD
  • Keep content accurate with automatic updates
  • Track the evolution of your GVD with version history
  • Search and filter content
  • Release news and updates to your users
  • Analyse how the dossiers in the platform are being used

The platform

The platform is designed for two different types of user: Administrator and User. Administrators can change the content of the dossiers, build up associated assets, and effectively manage the material. Administrators can also view statistics and review data about how specific dossiers are being used, which can guide future dossier development. Users can consume dossier content with the aid of a powerful search and filtering functionality, and can create their own custom dossiers (a subset of the master dossier), which can be downloaded with any associated references.

Is the platform for value dossiers or reimbursement dossiers?

We call the system iGVD but the platform is suitable for both reimbursement and value dossiers. It has been built from the ground up with these dossiers in mind, which means there are features built specifically to make life easier in either case.

Do I have to keep coming back to you for edits to the document?

No. Dossier content can be managed by your administrators, although we can administer your account (adding/managing content) on your behalf if this suits you better.

Do I have to wait for a dossier to be complete before it can be added to the platform?

No. Content can be added over time so you do not have to wait for a dossier to be completed. Either you can add content, or you can supply it to us, and we can add it for you.

Can I download and print the master dossier or custom dossiers?

Yes, you can. When you download a dossier it comes zipped up with all associated references. Within custom dossiers, references are all re-indexed and only the relevant references are downloaded.

How can users quickly find what they need?

Dossier content is divided into sections. Sections can be assigned keywords and users can then filter by keyword to return relevant parts of the dossier. Users also have access to a powerful text/phrase search, to help find specific content.

I have supporting materials that are not necessarily part of the dossier itself – can they be made available from within the system?

Supporting materials such as presentations, models, submission templates, etc. can all be uploaded to the iGVD platform and then attached to the relevant dossier sections. Users are then able to download these files while viewing the dossier content online.

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