Business case generators

The business case generator facilitates the sharing of customised materials with your stakeholders, without compromising compliance.

Our business case generator is designed to support customised conversations with your stakeholders such as healthcare practitioners or other payers. The business case generator combines an administrator authored, pre-written business case, with parameters that can be populated by users. An approvals workflow ensures materials generated are compliant.

Presenting business cases that are transparent and relevant will make your market access activities work for you. Ensuring that the key drivers of an argument are dynamic will mean that people and product names are customised, and costs, discounts, market share switches, and other more granular parameters can also be modified. Business cases are constructed using parameters driven by a model made available within the system. The business case generator is a platform that can provide the following benefits:

  • Control over how business cases are constructed
  • Ensure compliance through the approvals workflow process
  • Show return of investment usage statistics and see who has used the business case at what point in time

Please speak to us about your project and discover the possibilities.

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