BIM (budget impact model) apps

In an environment of increasing cost containment, it is essential that the value of your technology is communicated effectively to stakeholders at a local level. At DRG Abacus, our payer communication tools combine evidence-based demonstration of the clinical and safety benefits of your technology with a transparent, locally-adaptable budget impact model. Equipped with our tools, you will be well-positioned to engage payers in discussion around the value of your technology.

Budget impact models are an essential part of your market access tool kit. With a budget impact model, you can demonstrate the value of your product, taking into consideration various scenarios and time horizons. Furthermore, your budget impact model can be adapted for different markets – enabling you to reach more local stakeholders – and can generate customised summary reports to leave with payers.

DRG Abacus have the expertise to develop customised payer tools to suit your market access needs. Our in-house specialist teams of health economists, medical writers, graphic designers, and programmers work together to ensure your communication tool is evidence-based, intuitive, attractively presented, and commercially relevant.

How long do budget impact models take to develop?

Typically 8–12 weeks, although our record is 2 weeks. The timing depends on the complexity of the disease area as well as review and approval turnaround times by your medical and legal teams. We have developed hundreds of budget impact models and can guide you through the process.

I have a model already – can you use it?

Yes, if not entirely then we can use it in part. Your existing model will at the very least define the value proposition and we can take that concept and build upon it to deliver a best in class tool suited to your needs.

I don’t want an app; I just want a model in Excel

That’s fine – we also deliver Excel-based tools –click here to find out more.

How much does a budget impact model cost?

The cost will vary depending on the complexity of your model and how much supporting work is required. Whereas some of our clients might require research to source data with which to populate the model and assistance developing an evidence-based argument for their technology, others may approach us with an established direction and/or model already. We can provide you with either an estimate or a full and detailed proposal for the work. Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Where does the data come from?

We may have data in your disease area already – we have significant data assets covering the US, EU, and other regions. We can also undertake desk-based research, purchase data from third parties and/or build in assumptions that can be over typed. Alternatively, you may have data we can utilise.

What is your approach?

At DRG Abacus all of our work is bespoke. We’ll listen to your needs and assemble an appropriate team of our people. Our general approach is to undertake a scoping/research phase then make recommendations on next steps through a storyboard. Subject to your approval, we’ll then begin building the model in Excel with input from you throughout this process. Upon completion of the model in Excel, our programming team will build your bespoke application, incorporating graphic design concepts you will have viewed and approved during the Excel modelling stage. Finally, we’ll ask you to approve and sign off on the final version of the model.

How do you adapt budget impact models for different markets?

Whether it be a change in currency or a modification to patient numbers, treatment pathways, or costs, DRG Abacus will develop a fully flexible model for you which allows easy adaptation for use in different markets.

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