Bespoke Software Development

With an in-house programming and design team, DRG Abacus is uniquely qualified to deliver your custom project. With our subject experts able to contribute their expertise and work directly with our development team, DRG Abacus build best in class software products.

We have vast experience constructing communication tools and platforms for both internal and external communication needs, as well as bespoke projects. DRG Abacus aims to exceed your expectations.

Please speak to us about your project and discover the possibilities.

Advantages of a bespoke software tool from DRG Abacus:

  • DRG Abacus has subject specialists, design, and programming teams in-house
    • You will not have to commission multiple vendors
  • Software development teams have industry experience. Teams are also compliance trained
    • Quicker software development with fewer errors
  • Industry experience means we will understand your scenario
    • Rapid ideas generation and accurate requirements documentation
  • Quality control
    • Internal quality control across teams means your product can be checked by a health economist, a medical writer, or other specialist who is best suited to your project

High standards

DRG Abacus pride themselves on their attention to fine detail. We are security conscious, and adhere to industry standards and best practice to ensure high quality results.

We are part of Clarivate, a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation.

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