ISOQOL 26th Annual Conference, 20 – 23 October San Diego, California

19-09-19DRG Admin

ISOQOL 26th Annual Conference, 20 – 23 October, San Diego

DRG Abacus is proud to be a contributing sponsor at the 2019 ISOQOL Annual Conference. Members of our team will be presenting new research at the conference.

Introduction to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) for the Pharma/Biotech Industry

Sunday, 20 October
9 am - 4 pm

Helen KitchenCo-Presenter

Helen Kitchen
Vice President, Clinical Outcomes Assessment
DRG Abacus

Application of patient-centric methods in clinical outcomes assessment research; patient feedback from a qualitative interview study in Crohn's disease

Tuesday, 22 October
Poster Session II

Following qualitative interviews conducted with patients diagnosed with Crohn's disease, this research captures post-interview patient feedback to provide a "quality check" of the crrent study approach. This new research offers insights to inform best practices for future studies with the opportunity to improve the overall interview experience for patients through the determination of best practices and considerations for the interview design process.

Patient-centered methods: Considerations for exploring sensitive topics during patient interviews to develop clinical outcome assessment (COA) measures

Wednesday, 23 October
Poster Session II

This research presents key considerations and recommendations for exploration of sensitive topics with patients when conducting qualitative interviews based on case studies in several conditions. With careful consideration for the design and conduct of qualitative research in sensitive and potentially embarrassing conditions, COA researchers can provide patients with a supportive environment to share their experiences and facilitate a patient-centric approach to outcome measurement.

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